• Jun 29 , 2022
    There is a wide range of sanitary napkins on the market today, and a dizzying variety of brands. Women have a very close relationship with sanitary napkins, but not many people really know about them.   Firstly, according to national standards, sanitary napkins can be divided into three main categories in terms of face material. 1. Dry mesh sanitary napkins: These are sanitary napkins made fr...
  • Jun 21 , 2022
    Most disposable diapers have the following components: the outer cover, the absorbent core, and the base fabric. 1. Exterior layer of baby diaper The outer wrap layer keeps the child's body dry, absorbs urine quickly, and prevents side leakage. They are soft, friendly, and comfortable. They expel water vapor and hot and humid air together, keeping nappy rash away from the baby. 2. Absorbent c...
  • Jun 10 , 2022
    How to wear pull-ups baby diaper?   "Read it once and you'll know it" 1. Rub the pull-ups before you get them to make them fluffier and softer. 2. Check that the top layer is clean and safe before changing. 3. Check the front and back of the pull-ups, with the logo pattern on the front. 4. Put both hands into the pull-on trousers and stretch the elastic waistband. 5. Putting on the baby's leg...
  • Jun 17 , 2022
    How To Choose Baby Diapers   For babies using diapers, there are always side leakage, which factors are usually caused by it? Ai Yin's mother and baby products are here to indicate that the baby's side leakage in the use of diapers can be summarized as five reasons. Here is a brief analysis with everyone: 1. The size of the diaper is not suitable for the baby's body size. For diapers used by ...

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