Dec 02, 2021
Precautions when using diapers

Precautions when using diapers

1. Because the baby's bladder is not fully developed, it can not store urine in the body for a long time, so the number of diaper replacement will be more. It is normal to replace it every half an hour or four times a day.

2. After each excretion of the baby, we must replace the diaper in time, and do not get dirty diapers attached to the baby's butt for a long time.

3, baby excretion is very irregular, no matter how careful mother can control the baby's excretion situation at any time, so when choosing diapers, we can not only pay attention to the thickness and water absorption strength, but according to the characteristics of the baby's skin and climate, choose thin and breathable diapers for the baby.

4, the baby every time after defecation, use baby special baby wipes to wipe the small ass, and then apply hip cream, put on the new diapers.

5. Diapers are disposable hygiene products. Do not use them over time to prevent leakage or diaper rash.

6, when replacing diapers, avoid tape contact with skin, or with talcum powder, baby oil.

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